5 Freeze-Drying Business Ideas

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Have you been wondering what it would take to start a freeze-drying business? There are some real possibilities for success — people love freeze-dried food!

Starting a freeze-drying business could even be one way to help you pay for your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, and really get your money’s worth.

If you’re interested in the possibilities, explore the following freeze-drying business ideas.

Healthy, Freeze-Dried Snack Packs

You could freeze dry fruit and create small snack packs to sell. You could sell individual fruit packs or create mouth-watering combinations — banana, strawberry, pineapple sounds amazing!

Health-conscious individuals are always looking for portable, healthy snacks. Freeze-dried fruits are appealing because they taste great without any preparation and there are no additives or preservatives. Plus, snack packs are lightweight, portable, and convenient.

Parents also want their kids to eat healthy foods but don’t like the preparation work involved. They would much rather give their kids a small package of freeze-dried apples than a bag of potato chips or crackers any day. Think about it… freeze-dried snack packs would make the perfect grab-and-go item for soccer games, ballet practice, or any other after-school activity.

Freeze-Dried Pet Food

People love their pets. Some are even willing to pay a premium to ensure their pets get good nutrition and eat whole foods. You could make and sell healthy, freeze-dried pet food and safe treats with no additives or preservatives.

If you want to sell freeze-dried pet food, check out the Association of American Feed Control Officials website to learn about industry regulations.

Freeze-Dried Novelty Treats and Desserts

Freeze-dried food is fun to try!

There’s just something exciting about eating freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches, freeze-dried gummy bears, and other foods that don’t normally come freeze dried. You could sell freeze-dried candies and novelty treats.

Sure, some people might say freeze drying candy is a waste of time, but it really is fun to experiment with the different flavors and textures you can create. People are very curious about this “astronaut” food and will pay to try it.

Freeze-Dried Food for Long-Term Food Storage

The main reason people buy home freeze dryers is to build up their food storage with items that have a long shelf life. You can help others with their food storage, too, by selling freeze-dried food.

Several large companies have started out with this business model. Check out companies like Mountain House, Wise Company, Nutristore, and Auguson Farms. They all started out as small freeze-dried food companies and have expanded rapidly over the past decade because of the popularity of freeze-dried food.

When packaged properly, some freeze-dried food can last more than 25 years. That’s incredible… People would gladly pay more for a product if they knew it would still be good years after they purchased it. After all, lots of people are interested in building their home food storage.

Portable Meals for Camping and Emergency Kits

In addition to food storage, people are interested in ready-made meals that are easy to eat for camping and emergencies. You could sell freeze-dried meals for 72-hour kits or prepare freeze-dried meals people can store without the need for refrigeration. The possibilities are endless…

Starting a home freeze-drying business is probably easier than you think, depending on the Cottage Food Laws in your state. If you’re on the fence about buying a freeze dryer from Harvest Right, starting a freeze-drying business could help you fund the purchase.

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